Temporary Henna Tattoos are painless, waterproof and Fun!

Our Black Henna for tattoo does not contain PPD(Para-phenylenediamine). 
It is Safe for use and have only Natural components.

Stencils for henna tattoos was made from high quality material.
Very easy to use and applicable anywhere on the body.
All Stencils are adhesive.
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Temporary Henna Tattoos can be profitable business.

Where you can do henna tattoos?
At the beauty salon
On the street
On the beach

We'll give you an example of costs and profits.
Set of 50 self-adhesive stencils is 20 euros.
Black Henna for tattoos 100 grams is 20 euros.
Printed catalog on 14 pages is 10 euros.
Total investment is 50 euros.

Price of temporary tattoo varies from 3 - 10 euros (or more).
For this example, we'll take that minimum price of 3 euros.
With this set, you can do 50 tattoos and earn a minimum of 150 euros.
When you deduct the expenses, our income is 100 euros!
The average earning, with a price of 5 euros per tattoo, is 200 euros!

If you are a complete beginner, we will send you instructions for work,
that will help you to quickly and easily master the technique.

Black Henna, Stencils, and KIT, you can order via the Online Shop. 
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